Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Moby GO baby carrier drool pads

Sew, I did a thing :)

I have been a fan of the Moby Bamboo wrap since I first used it on bubbles' first jaundice checkup on day 5. So when it came to picking a soft structured carrier for L to use, and seeing as the closing down sale at John Little meant 20% savings on Moby products, we went for it.

There probably will be a more comprehensive review on the carrier once we get more use out of it, for now, she is just slightly too small for it by a couple of inches. But in preparation for that, I decided to make my own drool pads!

Reversible too! I guess for when I use the carrier, I will make a more feminine pair with wider flare, or even ruffles, at the base. And maybe more ribbon tags to keep bubbles occupied.

Can't wait to get back to more crafty stuff!

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