Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bubbles & her first play date!

Strawberry shortcake mode: ON

As a kid, I loved Strawberry Shortcake, the cartoon character. Even my primary school wallet was a Strawberry Shortcake one. There was an episode where I accidentally dropped it into the squat toilet at school (curse those convent pinafore pockets), and I hovered over it daring myself to fish it out. 

I eventually did, quite a horrible experience really. Rinsed it under the tap, took out the dollar coin (my allowance) and abandoned it. It was a plastic thing, could have been sanitized and re-used I suppose, but I just.could.not.


The other Strawberry Shortcake merchandise I owned was a water bottle that I'd won coming in 2nd in the 50m sprint on sports day, I think in primary 1. Lost that within a week at Yaohan Plaza Singapura. 

As for Bubbles' outfit, it was a $10 bin sale item, I am so glad they rejuvenated the cartoon, but by the time I pulled it out of storage, she probably can wear it only a coupla times more!! And it was meant for a 6-9 mth old baby augh!

Ah well. Even before I found the romper, I had knit the hat and booties. The booties were an adaptation from these 2 patterns, as was the hat. Which also is now a snug fit :0

Ah well. I should've known better :-/

So what does this have anything to do with her first play date? It was because of the play date that I went rummaging through her clothes, up till now, 15wks as of today, bubbles' has been dressed in more functional daily wear. Since I babywear her, there didn't seem a need to purchase anything too fanciful since it probably wouldn't be seen anyway. But I knew the mummies in the group were going to be taking group photos of the bubs, and so wanted her to look less drab.

She went without the booties and cap of course, and enjoyed meeting and interacting with her fellow birth month pals! They were all so adorable! I'm glad I stepped out from my cave to meet them, social anxiety and an agonizingly slow healing csec does put a damper on my already non-existent social life.

Bubbles on the other hand, seemed quite the social butterfly, she took particular interest in the babies, often grinning, smiling and reaching out to touch them. As for her interactions with the mummies, she responded with coos and babbles to almost anyone who came to say hi to her.

Can't wait for her next meet, by then they should all be able to sit up, or even crawl....

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