Monday, October 24, 2016

5-in-1, rotavirus and pneumococcal vaccination

Bubbles being bubbly

So we survived the 3rd month 5-in-1 + pneumococcal + rotavirus vaccination, and although it was a tiring and worrisome 48 hrs, she went through it relatively unscathed but for a slight temperature. The weekend was spent sponging her down and taking hourly reads. 

We were told to expect loose stools from the rotavirus, but the only diarrhoea she suffered was verbal XD 
She started babbling a whole lot more than usual. It might have been delirium from the fever, or the paracetamol, or both haha. But she slept well, and as always, never lost her appetite. Good indicators of her wellbeing!

The most surprising outcome was that it seems she mightn't require ridwind anymore for her colic/reflux issues. The Dr advised me to stop medication and make an appointment at KKH with a pediatrician to try and figure out what has been causing her frequent hiccups and gassiness. Well, the appt has been set for 14th December, by then I hope the colic would have resolved itself.

The most likely culprit would have to be lactose overload due to my oversupply. I have taken steps to reduce her intake of foremilk, at the expense of my boobs, which seem to be suffering from a few rounds of blocked ducts. I'd have to take more care if them lest they develop into mastitis :( when discussing this, the polyclinic Dr who was doing her 3rd mth developmental assessment remarked that "there's still so much to learn about breastfeeding!" after I told her that a group of mummies from a local FB support group helped me narrow down the possible cause for her woes.

As to her progress, all seems well, and our next assessment would be in her 9th mth. :)

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