Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Happy Feet!

It's been a hectic couple of weeks, and I ran a little behind on the laundry, so I rummaged through the knitted stuff for a pair of booties that I'd made while pregnant.

These were a tad loose due to the stretch, even though they were a pretty snug fit, she found it easy to kick them off -_-"

Although I used a pattern from this list (No. 10)  I can't seem to find it when I clicked through. Nevertheless, there are a number of other booties I made from patterns in this page, do give them a go!

Her 5-in-1 + rotavirus will be in 2 days. Am nervous about having to deal with the possible fever and diarrhoea, but am too buzzed to sleep now as we have to collect our keys to the new flat tomorrow! Hope she takes to the pram again. Prepping by sleeping with her blanket so she'll be calmer having my scent near her.

Hope I survive the weekend!

Augh! They are all a snug fit now! Oooops

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